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Welcome to Origin Papers, a fully independent, fully inclusive, African owned creative production company that focuses on the individuals, the cultures and perspectives behind the content you love. The world is at your fingertips, and creating understanding on how to move forward together is why Origin Papers exists.


Launched in 2019, Origin Papers offers coverage from across the globe, by seeking out a diversity of experience and curating collaborative spaces for third culture creatives. Our network of contributors allow new ways for you to embrace the world, by telling stories that exceed borders and bridge gaps; while redefining what it means to be a citizen of a shared world.

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Hear from Paper Trails, our  OP podcast


Join the Origin Papers Team for the Paper Trails Podcast

Where the OP team comes together to make sense of news and culture.  You can expect a lot of fun to be had, jokes to be made, and maybe so tears too. 

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“A burden shared is a burden lifted”

-- We uplift and support creatives and you can too. Do your part to help fight for fair media representation and end gatekeeping in creative spaces, by supporting independent media. Black company founders are over mentored and under-invested. Help end the imbalance.

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