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Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Jade Pattenden joined us as a guest on our Paper Trails podcast to share her story with us. We covered her multi-disciplinary talents, as well as, her and Tinthi's lived experiences within the local Vancouver, Film/Creative industry.

Jade Pattenden is surely a multidisciplinary talent to say the least! Born in Melrose, Scotland to her Zambian mother and Scottish father, Jade moved to so called Canada at the age of eleven and to Vancouver in 2015. Nurtured by a creative family, art has been a major part of Jade's life and she quickly fell in love with the art of painting portraits at a young age. "I believe there is beauty in the expression of one's eyes and I love the challenge of showing it in a piece of art. Jade has been simultaneously working on all of her creative talents, however we mainly focused on film during the episode. Below are notable points Tinthi and Jade touched on.

“I always wonder what’s going through their minds as they’re saying and doing those things....the politics we face everyday, our different types of lived experiences that we're navigating are exacerbated in that setting (on-set). It’s truly a time where people can band together and say something. We were in a time before, where it was really difficult to speak out, so it’s good to engage in this dialogue right now and actually think about how to address a scenario (racism) if we run into it. We need to make sure everyone’s held accountable. For so long not enough people have been held accountable, so it’s also our responsibility moving forward to hold those people accountable. We need to uphold the fact that our liberation comes from us having proper representations of who we are.... Other.... specifically White communities, have had the privilege of portraying multiple forms of identity, and you know with ease.... So we’re looking and demanding for that same type of respect. It’s just a matter of giving the same respect. I mean, what does the value of "treat others the way that you want to be treated truly mean in that sense?" Well who does that apply to? I’ve been questioning actually..... the set of western societal values and noticed how they are really, only catering to white people.” - Tinthi

“It’s kind of....I don't know. It’s one of those things where you're like, "yeah I want to make money and work, but at the same time your morals are like.... do I wanna prove a point and make a stand and say no I’m not doing this?" Especially if it’s like, once I did a show where we were in jail and the majority of the people were ethnic, and your like, "well yeah this kind of doesn't show proper representation of the percentages or the ratio of race in the United States which is unfortunate. It'’s based off of a whole messed up thing that I don’t even want to get into right now.... just watched 13 the documentary if you want to know. I got there and looked at everyone and I thought, "yo are you guys seeing what I’m seeing?!" and we all said "This is kind of fucked up" and then we were all like but we want to work..... It was a consistent thing. I feel like the root problem is the real life version of this, but at the same time there was just a big part of me that was like this feels wrong!! They toke a step further...... they made our hair look really bad on purpose we were all tweaking our hair a little bit for the most part to make it look better. We thought "there’s not a chance in hell a Black girl would let her hair look like this.... especially when your in jail, and you have more time to work on it. There’s not a chance! That’s what pissed me off the most was that because this isn’t representing real life people, what are you trying to say with this, you know what I mean?” -Jade

“I got meet great people like you, and from so many different backgrounds so there’s many like good sides to it but I definitely feel you on that whole filling the quota thing... It's like a double edged sword, because.... you know us being Black, they always want to hire Black people to make it look like the States...... and then it’s like "Okay cool, so we’re getting the work, we’re getting paid, so yeah that works in our favour, but it’s also like you’re just there to be the colour and that’s kind of it....” -Jade.

Link to full podcast here.

Jade's podcast: "I'm An Adult, Now What?" tune in for a variety of topics in an honest and open manner with an emphasis on the importance of healing from your past, being present, and discovering your potential.

Jade's website

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