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Updated: Mar 25, 2020

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One man spends 8 months on a motorcycle, capturing frozen moments of time over 8 different countries in Asia.

His story begins like any other. In a way that's far too familiar. A man in his early 20s, trying to appease his social circle. Jumping from one socially acceptable career path to another, hoping to please family and friends. Or as Glassco puts it,

"Navigating your 20s trying to make yourself happy."

Local creative, Ben Glassco, known for his portrayal of of precious moments. Glassco is a photographer who's creative values align directly with those of Origin Papers. He believes in sharing the authentic truth, and through his work, he presents the possibilities of how sharing the beauty of true cultural appreciation can bridge the gap between worlds.

Origin Papers came across Ben Glassco while exploring local creatives on Instagram. The encounter being a perfect example of using social media platforms to inspire. It wasn't long before we were in contact with Glassco, and fortunate enough to schedule an interview.

He shares his journey with us, from the days of University, to working at a tech start up, all the way to his arrival in Vancouver after 8 months over seas taking picture.

He shares his struggle with the duality of cooperate living, waking up at the crack of dawn to commute over to a building filled with more people in suits staring at screens in cubicles.

He shares an inspired conversation in which his partner looks at him and asks,

"When are you going to do this motorcycle thing?"

resulting in him standing on the side of the road in Vietnam purchasing a motorcycle to begin his epic journey.

But turning away from the life of corporate drone and moving towards something that truly makes you happy isn't all easy. Ben shares that he wants all beginning entrepreneurs to be aware of the financial struggle that comes with such decisions.

"Be ready to not make any money for a year, to establish yourself, and so saving up for that moment is very important."

And even so, planning and preparation is not all a young business person needs, but also self awareness and integrity.

Glassco explains in his interview that being a traveling photographer of white canadian male descent comes with great responsibility. He remembers to stay conscious of his cultural differences, and remain as respectful as possible.

In an industry where many profit of the impoverished without consent to film, Glassco strives to photograph local stories with respect and consent. He shares that his work really comes down to one thing,

"making basic human connections."

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