Black Women Connect Vancouver

Black Women Connect Vancouver, founded in 2017, creates spaces where black women can embrace and leverage their diverse experiences. Nataizya Mukwavi, fellow TCK (third culture kid) and founder joined us on a podcast to share how the collective has become an essential community platform for black women in Vancouver. The team is growing with five administrators and an increasing number of members within the budding community. The collective was formed with the spirit of bringing black women’s leadership into spaces where they are often ignored. BWCV hosts panel discussions and workshops to facilitate spaces where open dialogue can inspire. Evolving social movements struggle to communicate and observers want a seamless story of how change unfolds. The rapid growth of the BWCV community over the past two years since it formed highlights that there was a need yet to be fulfilled. Nataizya and the team hope to continue hosting more panel discussions and workshops where black women in Vancouver can continue to meet and collectively grow their network. Click here for the full podcast.

"Create, Don't Hesitate"

-Origin Papers

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