Canadian Queer Blood Ban, It's Not Science

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Discriminatory practices by Canadian blood services are being challenged in the UN Court of Human rights by paralegal Christopher Karas.

The topic of safe sex, in reference to queer individuals has been stigmatized and demonized across cultures. A demonization to the effect of legalized discrimination, of who is eligible to donate blood or not, based on sexuality and gender. The blood donor system in so called Canada is based on bigotry and negative predispositions of Queerness, overall.

Government policy is in question, because if the person (male or trans woman) donating blood practices sex with the same sex, they are instantly devoid. If they answer yes to the question on a form, the government has grounds to deny their donation. The Canadian government has a designation with an acronym, "MSM", men who have sex with men. This is used as a hegemonic tool to exclude and misgender trans women.

In conversation with Chris, Alvin asked "why is this discrimination?"

The idea that a person, because of who they love, is at a higher risk of sexual transmitted diseases is ridiculous. "They view queer and trans blood as dangerous, as if were going to infect them" Chris said.

"We are all capable of practicing unsafe sex practices and we are all susceptible to blood borne diseases. To exclude based on this way of thinking isn't science, it's archaic and wrong."

Chris called into the Lost in the Woods Podcast and spoke to Alvin and Jason for Season 2 Episode 1, now on YouTube.

"Create, Don't Hesitate"

-Origin Papers

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