Countdown to Rent Debt: Tenant Organizing During the COVID Crisis

With millions of Canadians unemployed and no end to social distancing measures in sight, the COVID-19 crisis presents endless opportunities for tenant solidarity, and incredible barriers to typical organizing. How do you get thousands of households to work together when you can’t meet in person, when simply touching the same surface could be deadly? David Hendry is on the Steering Committee of the Vancouver Tenants Union, a tenant advocacy organization. Due to the growing number of Vancouverites who cannot afford to pay rent, the union has had to quickly adapt in order to meet their needs. We talk about how social distancing has changed work at the VTU, who falls through the cracks of the CERB benefit package, the eviction moratorium, and how tenants can emerge from this crisis debt-free. Click here for the full podcast. Learn more about the Vancouver Tenants Union at

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