Day One Bass Coast 2019

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

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Feeling the Vibe

The day began unsettled. People from all walks of life begin to realize that time was no longer available. They must depart for Bass Coast, a place where any teacher, chef, or consultant can begin to dismantle their routine, their 9-5 selves, and, for a special moment in time, be free of any sociocultural restrictions on self expression. They depart to a place where duality is celebrated.

The sweet crisp air soothed attendees with promise of a weekend filled with love, support, and acceptance. Festival goers dangled feet at stalled engines. Sharing stories of what had compelled them to come to this place. One nomad tells us

"It's just a place where everyone is happy, everyone's friendly, everybody is working together to make sure that everyone is taken care of."

The people of Bass Coast prevailed every hurtle on their journey. Broken down cars, cancellations, lost routes and forgotten items. Each nomad was confident in the creative collaborative experience the festival promised to provide.

They were right.

"Don't Hesitate to Create"

-Origin Papers

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