Day Two Bass Coast 2019

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

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Trotting into Town

The clouded half moon had faded into morning white. Words echoed through dusty roads.

"Good morning!"

"Day two!"

"Hey there"

"Have a good night?"

A still sense of ease filled the air while wanderers glided past campsites and cars. A distant beating pulls the nomads over the bridge and deep into town, like the beating drum that beckons the presence of its' village.

In town the people shared meals with new found friends, telling tales from the night before. Magical moments merged. The idea of an infinite weekend or, a better, kinder world seeming more and more achievable with each conversation.

Day two was one of appreciation and motivation. The acceptance and honoring of duality. A fellow Bass Coast nomad sat in the middle of collaborators. Her attention given to nothing around her except a text book for fashion design that lay open in her lap.

"I have an assignment due Tuesday." She shared.

The moment represented the essence of Bass Coast and the lasting energy it creates. A group of women with vision, who share their creative energy in order to inspire and help others. They're mission in the works of accomplishment, as a young woman of color sat doing homework in the middle of a fairy tale festival. Attendees through the grounds were finding clarity in the love and support of Bass Coast culture, free from the pressure of outer sociocultural norms.

"Don't Hesitate to Create"

- Origin Papers

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