Divorced from Reality....Re-engaging the Relationship

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Art Therapy is rapidly becoming a distinct discipline, using creative methods such as; drawing, painting, collage, colouring and sculpting to help people express themselves artistically. This creative approach is used to examine psychological undertones individuals face through art and explore their emotions in a holistic fashion.

Origin papers collaborator and (upcoming) therapeutic practitioner, Cajenua ,took a moment to reflect on her life's purpose, as we all do.

Photo Credit: Chachou Photography

Adulthood. She boarded bustling Toronto subway trains, tapped her Presto card to exit stations, and yet adulthood wasn't igniting the same spark in her that hums through the busyness of the subway.

Upon reflection, Cajenua felt an impending urge, a call to action, and a possible complete derailing from what she understood to be her lived truth. She felt a magnetic pull to movement. Through in-depth reflection and introspection she understood how she had always found solace in physically moving her body and being around.

I didn't know the name of that feeling, but I sensed that there was something. I started to understand that through movement, I was given permission to explore and also to contain when an emotion would come up, I would feel safe and contained enough to move through it... So I find active movement allows me to process what the sense of expression is.

Cajenua's calls to action was for her own self-expression and how she was going to approach her emotions moving forward. She embarked on a journey to developing her Capoeira skills and became a master in the craft. This opened new doors for her, she lives many truths that speak to her now. Cajenua is a professional stunt double, completing a degree in Art Therapy and exploring photography.

Cajenua is keen to provide therapeutic processes and artistic value for her clients and loved ones around her. It is important for her to assist people in finding associations between the creative choices made and a client's inner life.

For full interview click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=onDIu3nf33Y&pbjreload=10

"Create, Don't Hesitate. "

-Origin Papers

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