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Updated: Mar 25, 2020

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Today, we celebrate the release of Average Gypsy's first debut album: Spiritual Gangstas. The album takes us through the spiritual journey and pivotal moments towards becoming Average Gypsy. They share the highs, lows and how they turn golden rays of sunshine into their conductor's wand.

Stirred from her dreams, Dani awoke to the sunlight beaming onto the stages of Cochella. Free but united, flowing with the sway of the wind, Dani felt each blade of grass beneath her, each as a magic wand. She did not know, nor Josh that this would be the beginning, the starting point, the day they would remember as the birth of Average Gypsy.

Dani Wilson felt a connection to sports when she was a child. This was the prelude to a pursuit in learning the psychology of sports, of which she has a Masters Degree. Joshua Allen felt a calling to music at an early age. He has been DJ'ing for twelves years to date, as well as event planning/execution.

Josh took Dani to her first behind the scenes show, French Montana. She recalls a wavering upward flow to make this a part of her life on a full-time basis. With a thrilled spirit, Josh taught Dani how to spin the decks, and together they began to jam and create without hesitation. Josh imagined Dani would one day wear a long dress with butterflies gleeing towards iridescent disco lights. At that moment Neon Gypsy was crowned alongside her Average Citizen, names they both identified with before merging as Average Gypsy.

Josh says "I don't think there's any separation, there's always something new something exciting!"
Dani says "It's exciting [be]cause there's always something new and something we're working on…..I would say that sometime's [be]cause we're always working and so motivated, we're always goal goal goals..Sometime we just need to be Josh and Dani. But I definitely think it adds to our relationship."

Community and uplifting the youth are incredibly important parts of life, which Average Gypsy believe in consciously paying homage to. Three years ago, this dynamic duo set forth on building community through music, art and sports. Rise and Shine is a non-profit (family friendly) festival founded by AG, and all festival proceeds go towards camps for children. The proceeds of the last three years have gone towards soccer camps, DJ lessons and leadership development.

DJ's with integrity and the journey continues. Join Average Gypsy tonight at their debut album release party and celebrate collaboration. (Details: @MIA Doors: 10pm)

Enjoy the full interview below:

"Create, Don't Hesitate. "

-Origin Papers

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