Favoritism and Forest Fires

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

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A NASA satellite map on Tuesday showed Central Africa as a thick fiery splotch, but experts cautioned that each dot represents a distinct fire in a large geographic region. Credit NASA

Origin Papers is proud to report that the world finally gives a fuck about the environment.

Over the past few weeks social media has been flooded with the demand for attention towards the Amazon Fires. However, the issue isn’t simply environmental, it’s political. The word “intentional” circulating the cyber world, suggesting that the fires had been set to push the indigenous away from their temporary victorious lands. (Victorious because indigenous activists were recently granted rights to the very same lands in flames.) A glimmer of hope flickers through each flower child face to notice so many speaking out to help aid all affected by the fire.

So why aren’t we doing the same for Congo?

The Congo Basin Forest has been a blaze for days on end with a fraction of the same media outrage. The difference? The Central African Fires are a complete natural disaster.

Interesting isn’t it?

How the world seems to favor saving lost lives when it fits their political agenda.

Some news media sources go so far as to say that the two parallel events are not even comparable.

Different types of tragedies. They say.

Funny isn’t it? The irony of inequality in the battle for equality.

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