Frontline Mental Healthcare on Vancouver's DTES

Vulnerable populations living on Vancouver's- downtown Eastside are experiencing rampant mental health crisis because of the COVID-19 outbreak. Larissa is a frontline Occupational Therapist, for the many at risk, marginalized groups living on the DTES. Cracks in the system are revealing themselves and it has been difficult for frontline healthcare workers to effectively manage their day-to-day duties. The increasing restrictions on physical contact create challenging situations where patients don't receive the level of outreach they previously had.

"The rules which are being imposed of social distancing are to stop the spread of the virus. These rules work for most of the population, but for the DTES, populations are very interconnected. It's actually safer for most people to be with each other in open spaces for a lot of these populations, especially in context of drug use and just tell people to follow the same rules as the rest of us is not fair or safe. They don't have the same spaces to retreat to..."

Listen to full podcast here.

Relevant Links (Compiled by BC Ministry of Health):

"Create, Don't Hesitate"

-Origin Papers

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