Glamour, Beauty, and Pride with Vancouver's Infamous Drag Queen -Kendall Gender

Vancouver based--Kenneth Wyse is a Drag performer and Queer activist under the stage name "Kendall Gender". Kenneth spoke about identity in 2020 with Tinthi on a new episode of Paper Trails.

Coming from a biracial family and being a Queer man, Kenneth found the world had many barriers to overcome, with understanding him and his identity. Early on in Kenneth’s life, he was exposed to intersections of gender and race, when traveling with his parents. He recalls going on road trips where his father and mother would switch car seats, reasons unknown to Kenneth at the time. Somehow his mother - a White woman - became the image of power; advocating for her partner to be let on his way. Ultimately resolved, that moment impacted Kenneth to this day, especially as we reflect on the year 2020 has been.

Kendall Gender is most known for being the Queer ambassador for Fairmont Hotels, a member of infamous drag group ‘BRATPACK’ and a past winner of glamorous drag competition “Vancouver’s Next Drag Superstar” in 2017. Kendall is the proud mama of three drag children, who go by Venus Kunt, South East and Kara Juku. Kenneth uses his drag identity, Kendall Gender in an effort to take back Queer spaces in corporate settings, throughout Vancouver.

In conversation, Kenneth reveals how critical the support of his family was in realizing his success, as well as educating them was just as conducive to receiving support. All in all - Kendall Gender’s story reveals this - we must never fail, never falter in our efforts to communicate our stories. It is through our stories that we instil power.

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