Green Fields and Good Talks - When Music Inspires

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

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A true story inspired by the lasting effects of Bass Coast 2019 and the music produced by The Librarian

Photo by Averie Woodward

It's a warm day. A heat wave creeps over the country. Green fields glisten under the sun. A girl starts her car, she searches for a sound. Something that will bring her piece. The Librarian. A girl and her father take a drive. They cruise down winding roads, the mountain ridge shrinking in the rearview mirror. Her father turns up the sound.

"What is this?" he asks.

"A new artist I found, it calms me."

"It's different."

"Do you like it?" she asks him.

"I don't know." he says.

The music flutters. She notices her fathers head moving side to side, back and forth. He feels the vibration. The energy. He is calm.

A father and his daughter take a drive.

He asks her about her dreams, she tells him. He listens. He asks about her finances, she is confused. He guides her, helps her to make plans. Tells her everything will be okay.

They speak about love. About relationships. A daughter learns more about her father. She sees him. And for the first time, in a long time, he sees her for the woman she's become. Boundaries broken down, a girl and her father understand each other. Their conversation safe, confined within the car, free from the pandaemonium of material judgements that surround them in their day to day lives.

A twinkling chimes around them, and a deep bass beats against their chests.

"I like this music." He says to her.

She smiles.

"Don't Hesitate to Create"

-Origin Papers

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