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Updated: Mar 25, 2020

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"The Girl is My Girl, my inner spirit and inner voice who expresses herself through art. Before recently discovering art, I spent many years drawing in adult coloring books with pencil crayon. Until one fateful night back in Sept 2017  there was a sudden urge and confidence to color outside the lines!  A self taught sketch artist, I love creating artwork that celebrates color, women, connection, sexuality, and empowerment."

@A Girl With Many Secrets

The practice of understanding one's value is a personal journey, a spiritual awakening, a flashing metamorphosis of time. Each day she wakes, the Girl With Many Secrets marvels her inspiration. She manifests her passion into affirming pieces of art.

"I love creating artwork with my unique style with bright colour flows. It is an amazing way to express myself, but also a way to communicate important themes in my life. Equality, feminism, empowerment, kindness, humanity, and ethical living are all pillars which I base my life course. "

"Art is a part of my humanitarian spirit - using it to communicate these messages dear to my heart. It is also a way to physically give back - throughout my career I will be choosing different charities and donating a percentage of my art sales to them."

There is an art in the personification of your values, your desires, and your perspective of the world. We have a Girl With Many Secrets, who uses her inner passions to drive the change she wants to see in the world around her. She uses her internal wisdom to share her message, her artistic voice and her truth.

What makes you feel alive? What empowers you to do you?

We join the Girl With Many Secrets on her journey, discovering what our individual sparks say to us when it shines its light, be the energy. Reflect and empower.

"Don't Hesitate to Create"

-Origin Papers

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