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Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Queen among Queens, musician Missy D is a young TCK taking the Northern Music scene by storm. A girl who never hesitates to spread empowerment and love through her songs has had quit the year, preforming over 50 shows in 2018 a lone.

Her up rise was sparked when Missy D won The Top BC Award at the 2017 Story Hive Music Edition for her music video XX. The video features diversity in every sense, including women of all ages and color, pushing the boundaries of what western society deems to be normal and acceptable behavior of human beings . Much like her work and persona, the video empowers souls of every shape, size and color to practice self love and chase dreams.

Her hard work was met with an invitation to preform at the 2018 South by South West Film Festival where Missy D blew away thousands of soon to be fans with a spectacular soulful performance.

With all her recent success, Missy D remains a humble creative soul, constantly giving thanks to her supporters. When asked about her fans during our interview she responds,

"i don't call people who listen to my music fans, I call them family"

But the journey hasn't always been so easy. Like any child born to third world parents, Missy has struggled with the pressure of perusing a career seen as more socially respectable from a traditional sense. She graduated from UBC with a degree in Science, and was bombarded with questions of "what will you do now?" before breaking it to the family that her dreams were to create music. Missy D tells us,

"Nothing's gonna fall from the sky, you've got to reach to the sky for your dreams."

Her parents were hesitant at first, but decided that if music was something she wanted to do, they could get on board with her trying it out while was still young. After receiving a heartfelt email confession from his daughter, Missy D's father responds "if that's your objective, follow through." And so Missy did just that.

This TCK put hours upon hours, pouring her soul into making music until finally she achieved the first step to her dream in releasing her album "When Music Hits You, Feel No Pain" on Spotify. Balancing jobs to pay bills, and an active music career, Missy D has finally broken into the music industry and is expected to take over as Queen of Queens, mixing rap, vocals, french, jazz, and Afrobeats in her soul shaking tunes.

Click to the link below to view her hit video XX and follow Missy D on Spotify to hear what's the got the North America's so intrigued with this up and coming talent.

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