Introducing Spiritual Sounds Sound System (S.S.S.S)

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

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DJ's with a higher mission.

Spiritual Sounds Sound System: is a 4-frequency high-fidelity sound specializing in Reggae, Roots & Dub music made up of Valentin and Zulu, who designed and created the sound system in 2014.

In another sense, the team has found a way of creating a unique sound by constructing their own speakers and equipment to produce a certain spiritual frequency.

Their first contact with amplified music began at an early age with the Mexican Sonideros. Zulu and Valentin were barely 16 years old when they begin to acquire knowledge about equipment operation, construction of replicas of acoustic boxes, assembly of the same animation and musical selection.

The main objective of S.S.S.S is to promote the reggae sound system culture in their country with a format different from that of the original. That is to say-with sessions dedicated to the culture of the "Reggae Sound System", with the original spirit, honoring the first tracks of dance in Jamaica and the Uk during the 50s & 60s.

In addition to unifying all the masses in a single dance floor, S.S.S.S music aims to eliminate violence and prejudice towards social status, and spread respect to others. This is reflected in their motto;

"To be all one and one to be all, so all be on the same frequency through the music and the sound system."

Their mission took off in 2018 where S.S.S.S had the opportunity to present themselves and their sound for the first time in Europe- preforming in France, Geneva, and Switzerland. One tour including one of the most important festivals of Reggae & Dub and Sound System Culture around the world called Dubcamp Festival 2018. S.S.S.S tells us;

"It has been a dream come true, since we have been the first Mexican reggae sound system to perform at that Big Festival, which was an honor for us, to represent our country in this festival and to sound a little of the music that is produced in our country Mexico."

To understand more on their vibe and mission, watch the video below and learn how S.S.S.S aims to bring people together through their unique frequency.

To listen to their live sets click any one of the links below.

"Don't Hesitate to Create"

-Origin Papers

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