L.A Adventures - Inside the Museum of Weed

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

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Los Angeles, California

She walks up through the gate, greeted by smiling security. A warm and honest welcome. They sound excited to see her. She turns and glances at her friend.

"This is going to be amazing."

The two stop and stare are colorful letters on glass walls.


Their reflections remind them, just for a second, of the duality of their company. A girl, dark skin and black hair stands beside a man, green eyes with a fair complexion. Together, they enter the Weed Maps Museum of Weed.

Met with wall art words of welcome, they enter the the first exhibit. Pre-Prohibition. With almond shaped eyes, a girl reads of a rich past. She smiles at a Samurai made with hemp.

They walk through time, standing with brothers and sisters of their past who fought for their future; for our future and our present.

In another exhibit a white man sees a colored woman react to the reminder of her inequality. He seems to understand.

They sign a petition to help a man see freedom, a man who sits behind bars despite the existence of the museum in which they stand.


In another room the two are lost in screens. The War on Drugs is relived as the voices of Nancy and Ronald Reagan plead you to


They are calmed. In another exhibit the two wash away the worries of media manipulation with reminders of the great milestones we have faced in the journey of legalization.

A woman of color and white man laugh together in a room that gave them hope.

The exhibit ends with a glimmer of possibility for cannabis culture and creation. A cultural revolution.

Two souls leave the museum, taking with them a lesson never to be lost, and packet of free stickers.

"Don't Hesitate to Create"

-Origin Papers

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