Mawogan Fashion- "Trade not Aid"

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

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A ripped shirt that you paid for.

1000 jeans mass printed on conveyer belts.

One more charm for your branded bracelet.

Is there any real meaning in what we wear?

Compared to a time in which the cloth you wore was woven by a loved one... we as a society have lost a great beauty in the art of fashion. And yet we have hope. We have creators currently working on bringing the beauty of truth and purpose back into clothing.

Yao Zeus Mohammed founded Mawogan Fashion in response to this phenomena, being a shining example of the capabilities and strength of the fashion industry. Mawogan Fashion preserves meaning of clothing through celebrating African culture. Not just through design, but even the construction of the pieces reflect homage to heritage. Once Yao's designs are completed, the outfits are procured by craftsmen in Lome, Togo; located on the West coast of Africa. As his line gains popularity, there is a direct increase in employment and fair pay in Togo. Creating with care, Yao's line perfectly reflects the importance of being conscious of what we're wearing, and why we're wearing it.

Kente cloth, pressed and cut.

Vibrant Dashiki stitched to denim.

A soft blurring of the lines between cultures.

Intricate stories told by caring craftsmen.

Mawogan Fashion.

"Don't Hesitate to Create"

-Origin Papers

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