Pavy - Real Rap, Not for the Feint Hearted

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

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We live in a world of expectations. The average person makes a snap judgment on a person's lifestyle and character within the first 3 seconds of seeing them. In an amplified sense, the people who hold great influence over us, also attempt to hold us to those those judgments and expectations.

African rapper and TCK, Pavy, is a musician who takes pride in shouting "Fuck You" to said expectations through rap. Having struggled with such pressure as a teen, he believes no one should be bound by the expectations others place onto them.

His music is raw, and similar to the philosophy of Origin Papers, he shares unfiltered, authentic art. Pavy describes his music as something only for the thick skinned.

"The music I make is something you listen to when you're a lone"

He shares that the inspiration for his art comes from life experience, but as an artist, he balances a persona through rap, that is separate from his every day self.

"There's still a speaker and the speaker is separate from the artist, but I definitely feed off of my experiences."

Multi cultural rappers are a minority in the world of Hip Hop, and so Pavy, by existence and by his music is a representation of the Third Cultured Kid phenomena. Being a French American who grew up in Africa, Pavy absolutely slays sharing what it's like to feel culturally displaced, unaccepted, and pressured by twisted expectations.

As a child, Pavy always showed interest in words and their power. He loved poetry from a young age, stating,

"When two things flow well together you can make sense of things that might be confusing."

Like many TCK's Pavy went through some mental health issues in high school and claims that music and writing got him through it. It wasn't until college however, that he really started to pursue it as a career.

While smoking a joint in college he met a friend, and slowly started expanding his circle while growing his music. It was during this time that Pavy realized the importance of collaboration in creativity.

"When I watch the (sound) engineer doing his thing I can't pretend like I know what he's doing"

He and his team share a common belief that no one should alter their true selves to please others.

This is demonstrated in every track and collaboration that Pavy releases. He shares that although becoming a white French, American, African rapper has its challenges, there is nothing greater in this world than following your calling. He says,

"There is no amount of money, or no matter skin color, or sexual preference... you're only really going to be happy if you chase the things you truly want"

To hear his music, follow

To listen to more on Pavy's experience as a creative in Vancouver, click the following link for the full interview.

"Don't Hesitate to Create"

-Origin Papers

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