Stay Loyal and Neverest with Reggie Reguindin

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

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Reggie created a local dance group called Neverest based in Santa Rosa, California who recently auditioned for the popular competition and TV show, World of Dance.

He invests time and energy back into the community have helped shape his understanding of his craft. Being a third cultured kid (TCK), having grown up in various continents, Reggie's artistic expression and unique style exemplifies the power of the TCK mind. He's taken the the techniques from his Contemporary dancing days as a student and from his Hip-Hop days as a teacher, to create choreography of diversity.

His creative team are essential to what Neverest stands for, building what every member brings to the table. The journey has been a coming of age, as Reggie has navigated the industry spreading a passion and appreciation for dance. He shares with us through an exclusive interview,

"I want to make high-school Reggie proud"

The expansive culture of Art Therapy is gaining magnetic traction when it comes to navigating personal identity and how to engage with the world at large. As a TCK, movement is the only constant and its' physicality makes it difficult to comfortably settle in one place for an extended period. Reggie has taken the facets of TCK living, which can be anxiety inducing - and reincarnates his lived experience through his choice of dance. The combination of Contemporary and Hip-Hop moulds an expression of movement that speaks to him directly, and those likeminded.

Recently, Reggie and Neverest have been teaching classes in an effort to expand the dance community in Santa Rosa, CL, and give back to creatives. Their latest collaboration underworks featured a choreography video from December that closed out 2019 with a creative bang.

The movement compels us to stay LOYAL to our passions, no matter what the medium is. There is a sense of comfort in how the team embodies their calling, and NEVEREST.

Be witness to the talent below, and for more, follow and @reggie.reguindin on IG

To hear some real talk with Reggie and friends, visit our podcasts.

"Create, Don't Hesitate"

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