The love I Give

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

A poem by Jaylen Fennell #poetry #youngpoetsociety #poc #blackpower #blackwriters #youngwriters

Jaylen Fennell is a young African American writer that uses the power of self love and positive affirmation to inspire the youth of America. Moved by her experiences, Fennell represents the voice of the up and coming women of America. She opens up a safe space for young females fighting to be heard in a society that oppresses the voice of the young girl of color. Her unique stylistic approaches in writing inspire strength among young readers. Origin Papers is honored to be able to provide a channel for her, being the first to publish her original pieces.

The Love I Give

By Jalyen Fennell

The love i give is unconditional, infinite, timeless

Wraps a soft, warm, nurtured cocoon around you

The love i give is unquestionable

My loyalty runs deep within my veins and rushes to the finish line which is my heart

The love i give cannot, and will not be tamed

The beauty of blindly giving without expecting to receive

Through the dark, blue, deep waves that sway back and forth is where my doubts and uncertainty lie

Yet, the love i give preservers and still remains potent

The love that i give is unconditional, infinite, timeless

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