Wacky Woods - Mystical Vancouver Adventures

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

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Photo by @chauchougrensenphotography

With no information given to prior to event, 2 people packed manically. With a mixture of mystery and panic, they tried to imagine the possible of what awaits in the Wacky Woods.

Mud moved to make steps. The law of physics have suggested that mind over matter are separate entities, however have you ever stopped to think,

"Could I perpetuate my newly formed electromagnetic signature in my current consciousness to my future state of being?"

Two people had their bags packed, for one night. Unsure of what their future state looked like, their subconscious' activated the response to the fear of unknowing: caution.

Two people listened to a selection of tunes, amplified the bass, and the journey to the unknown began. They arrived, after a circus act of NOT following the directions clearly mapped out on their GPS. Butterflies began to race around their stomachs like red ants under their hill.

They touched down to the land of the wacky - dream shards of love and peace, nomads who don't hesitate to create.

Two people grabbed their bags and walked down to the river, met by a boat which had been meticulously constructed with ropes to move luggage across the river.

On the other side of the sediment, they met the mystical trail (a pink glow) emerging out into a Wacky Woods.

If there has ever been a group of people who understand paying attention to detail, it is the conscious collective of humans from the communities of Casa and Ravers. The creative vision to unify people through music and art, the vision for love, and the vision for peace were portrayed in every detail of the bush party.

Safety and shelter were built by hands of love.

Mushroom melodies emanated from a giant mushroom where DJ's brought the beat down.

The crisp forest air was battled by tea and coffee, served at whatever moment we needed the comforting warmth.

An international family of people just enjoying dance and art collectively.

Attendees left feeling at peace, but not quite sure how to name the experience. It was Wacky in every way. The 2 people were ever changed, a rebirth of of consciousness, a newly formed electromagnetic signature. The people they had understood themselves to be had collapsed, enamored by the possibility of change. The possibility of creating a new state of mind, an ethos where once 2 atoms are linked, they would always be connected, a loving collaborative network of being.

The beauty and understanding of chaos.

"Don't Hesitate to Create"

-Origin Papers

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