Yoga N Da Hood - A Revolution in North American Education

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

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A place of like minded people, of acceptance, and of love. Bass Coast is a gathering that attracts positive energy and proactive solutions. Strangers gather in circles, not to introduce themselves, but to introduce their ideas.

What is wrong in our world?

Why is this happening?

How can we change things for the better?

A nomad speaks on her mission. She is selfless. She is loving. Yoga N Da Hood is her platform. Through it she spreads positivity to those who are overlooked, forgotten, or displaced. She explains.

(Yoga N Da Hood) "caters to underserved communities, giving them to opportunity to have access to wellness and yoga, because normally in a community where finances aren't high, we give them the opportunity to have access-for free-to yoga and mindfulness."

In a world where mental health is generally shut off from common conversation, it is evident that mental health assistance is left available only to those who can't afford. Those who come from a standpoint of privilege. Often times, an individual who falls under the category of low income, is not given an equal opportunity to look after their mind, body and spirit.

In an underprivileged area, children are lost. A child is on free meals, s/he is hungry. A child cannot seem to focus, there is too much missing at home. A child is empty. They lash out. A child is met with ridicule, criticisms and demonization.

Yoga N Da Hood takes a step towards helping this child. They guide people towards understanding how to process their emotions. Through yoga, and meditation, they spread the message of self love and introspection.

The issue is systematic, stemming from childhood, and an inconsistent educational environment, then growing into greater confusion as this child reaches adulthood. For this reason, Yoga N Da Hood is free, available to all who truly need the program.

The depths of which love and guidance can impact a single soul are irrevocable. Through these conversations we learn more about how we can interact with human beings we meet, in order to leave that interaction having made a positive impression.

Through sharing her story, this nomad leaves us all elevated, further understanding the need to improve the mental state of all human beings, regardless of income, race, religion, gender, or sexuality. The need for equality is apparent on various levels, and we can only bridge the gap by working together.

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